How to keep AVG Antivirus working while computer boots up?

Before going anywhere, first, we will discuss the Boot-time scan feature. This is an outstanding feature that is specifically developed to use when you suspects that your PC contains malware and threats or it usually takes some time to run. This feature is manually scheduled to run as required not on a regular basis. It scans for known malware and removes threats while the operating system is booting up or other services are running.

Scanning while boots up enhance the chances of detecting and removing malware and virus before it can counteract. So it is very necessary to keep AVG Antivirus working while computer boots up. AVG antivirus is one of the trustworthy software programs that keep your system free from virus, Trojans & spyware and allows you to browse safely and securely. AVG is specifically designed to provide complete protection to your PC and keeps your data, files and sensitive information safe.

If you intended to scan your system right when it boots up then, set up a boot time scan schedule can starts this function for you. By the following steps, you will get a complete solution through which you can finish this task.

Go ahead and follow these given steps:

  • First, start your system and then go to the drop-down menu in AVG internet security.
  • After that, click on the ‘option’ button and then select ‘advanced setting’.
  • Click on the front of schedules on the left sidebar to expand all option
  • Now you will see the list, select ‘Scheduled scan’ through which you can set a time when you want to run AVG automatically on your system.
  • ‘Turn on’ the scheduled scanning by clicking on ‘Enabling this task’, that is available next to the checkbox.
  • After that, go under the ‘Scheduled’ section and click on the ‘Run on the Startup’ option.
  • Select the ‘minute delay’ zero and then click ‘apply’
  • Now, you are done with the task and now the AVG Internet Security software is able to scan every-time when you turn the system on.


The boot-time scan may delete the file if an automatic action is a setup.

Well, Avg has a number of measures that are developed to prevent most of the issues, false positives may happen. These steps are very easy to follow. If you are facing any glitch then it is suggested to take the guidance of technical experts by calling at AVG Support UK. The technicians will not there only to help you in this case but also gives you a well-described resolution in some similar issues.

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