How free AVG antivirus is safe for PC Security?

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AVG Antivirus is an excellent entry-level solution and known for providing effective protection to the device. It can check a limited range of tasks but in general, it does its job well and good. The effectiveness of its protection has repeatedly been proved by lab tests. AVG is simple to use and hence, it is one of the best choices for the users who have never tried any antivirus. It works great and well against known malware. It is also capable to protect you against harmful programs on the devices of the users. In this guide, we will discuss some effective features that make the free AVG antivirus safe for PC Security.

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  • Malware Protection:

The first thing you should think before using an antivirus is its ability to safeguard you against different malware types as well as heal infected files. Although AVG offers strong malware protection, it isn’t as excellent as desired. At the same time, the difference isn’t serious. Apart from this, the antivirus can perform well with other software meant at safeguarding your device, for instance, with Windows Defender. Additionally, AVG is capable of detecting new malware and that is actually very beneficial. Once the antivirus identifies an unknown file then it wouldn’t let it exist on a computer and then send it for analysis.

  • Ransomware Detection:

Ransomware is the most unlikable malware that common users face. No one wants to pay criminals to regain access to personal files and details. There are various things which you can do to maintain distance from trouble. Installing AVG is ideal to detect ransomware and hence it is a great choice. In the case of AVG, you don’t have to pay to get actual ransomware protection. AVG free will make sure that you stay secure and safe. But if you need more protection then stick to the paid Internet security plan. Additionally, AVG suggests its free ransomware detection tools that might be helpful in case you are infected with a known malware type.

  • Phishing Detection:

Phishing remains one of the simplest ways for cybercriminals to get access to the personal data of the people around the world. Hence, the ability to detect phishing attempts ruins among the most wanted features of any antivirus. AVG is definitely strong on that.

  • Link Scanner:

In its every product, AVG has a Link Scanner. This features a check website in the time before they open in the browser of users. If it finds something suspicious, it will show the notification. Additionally, the Link Scanner has a multi-layer approach to the ‘Phishing’ emails detection.

  • Scanning Options:

There are various ways to scan your computer with AVG antivirus. There is a basic system check, performance check, USB scan, deep scan, and boot scan. To see all the available options, open the main window of the program just by clicking the shortcut. Green and white font against the dark background looks curious, but it is readable enough. If everything is fine then, you will see the green option ‘Protected’ right in the center of the screen. If requires, you might start a manual scanning at any moment. Just click on the option ‘Scan’ at the bottom of the default window.

These are a few features that provide excellent protection to your device. These features come with the free version of AVG antivirus. Call on AVG Support Number UK to get more information about this antivirus software. The teams are available 24×7 to help you in any manner they can.


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