Easy steps to resolve AVG Runtime Error 0xE001D026:

For comprehensive computer security, AVG Antivirus plays a vital role. But there is a fact, it comes with technical errors that are not that much easy to resolve. One of them is Runtime Error 0xE001D026. This error code gets you stuck because AVG stops working after this error. In this guide, we will discuss some easy steps to resolve AVG Runtime Error 0xE001D026 in the shortest time frame. Before moving ahead with resolution, let’s have a look at its causes.

Avg Runtime Error


Causes of AVG Runtime Error 0xE001D026

While software design, programmer code anticipates the occurrence of errors. But, there are no ideal designs, as error can be expected even with the best program design. Errors can happen while the runtime if a particular error isn’t experienced and addressed during testing and design. The runtime errors are basically caused by the unsuited programs running simultaneously. It might also occur because of memory problems, a bad graphics driver or virus infection. It doesn’t matter what the case may be, the error must be fixed quickly to avoid further issues.

Resolution of this Runtime Error code of AVG

STEP 1: Repair Registry Entries linked with Error code 0xE001D026

Repairing registry entries might resolve the AVG Error code 0xE001D026 in an effectual manner. But, if you are among the administrators, IT users or advanced users then, you can fix it in the attest possible time frame otherwise it is quite difficult to add, delete or modify the registry values and sub-keys. First of all, think what registry commands you need to make on your computer and after making requirement examination, conduct the relevant commands out of delete/modify/add command values/subkeys and then try to make it.

STEP 2: Conduct a Complete Malware Scan of your System

  • Start your system in safe mode by pressing F5 key
  • Execute the temporary files deletion
  • Download the ‘malware scanners’ on your PC
  • Conduct a complete scan by using Malwarebytes

STEP 3: Clean the Junks from your System

The computer system basically accumulates files from Internet surfing and PC usage. If these useless junks do not get freed from your computer system then it might lead your PC in a serious issue.

  • Get to the ‘command prompt’ window just by clicking on the left-cum bottom named as ‘Start’
  • Free your computer by entering ‘Disk Cleanup’ on the provided command prompt window

STEP 4: Update the PC Device Drivers Constantly

Basically old computer device drives or corrupted computer device drivers might cause your PC to display the AVG Error code 0xE001D026. So, update your PC device drivers from time to time.

STEP 5: Use ‘Windows System Restore’ to Recover the Recent system changes

  • Click on the ‘Start’ menu
  • At the left corner of the ‘start’, enter the ‘System Restore’ in the search box
  • Click on ‘System Restore’ out of the popped results
  • Enter the administrator password if prompted
  • Follow the steps carefully to spot a restore point
  • After that, restore your computer system back

STEP 6: Uninstall/ reinstall the AVG Software Program linked with AVG Error Code 0xE001D026

  • Click on ‘Control Panel’ from the right-side menu
  • Now, click on Programs and then, Programs and Features
  • Locate Error Code 0xE001D026 linked programs for instances. Antivirus under the offered ‘Name Column’
  • Click on ‘AVG Antivirus’ related entry
  • Click on ‘Uninstall button’ that appears on the top of the menu

These steps work definitely to resolve AVG Runtime Error 0xE001D026. Call on AVG Support Number UK if you are getting into any trouble while conducting these steps. The teams are available 24×7 to help you in any manner they can.

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