A brief on AVG License Activation

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If you have to install AVG with your license key code then you are in the right place. We are here with the activation procedure of the AVG License key code. But, before moving ahead you have to follow some things for clean and trouble-free activation. First of all, make sure that you don’t have a third-party installed on your device. Then, you have completed the activation process you can log in to your AVG Account and then go to the subscription section to see the option Add device. Now, you are ready for AVG Activation for that, just start the download and installation of your AVG product online.

In this post, we will discuss various steps for activating AVG. follow the given steps as per your requirement.

This step is ideal for if the station isn’t connected to AVG remote administration to activate AVG Business Edition using your newly acquired AVG License Number:

Avg Customer Support Number

  • Open the AVG Program and open Menu > Settings > Subscription
  • Enter or copy the newly purchased AVG number that refers to the License in the required box
  • After that, review the entered number and click on Activate and your license will be activated

AVG Business standalone stations can be activated through command-line/script for that:

  • Install AVG Remote Administration if you don’t have an existing installation
  • Run through the network installer wizard, selecting the installation script step for that,
  • Open AVG Admin console > Tools and then Run AVG Network Installer Wizard > when asked, select “Creation of AVG script”
  • There are no individual requirements when creating the script, other than to make sure that the new license is entered
  • Select a folder on the disk to save the installation script
  • The avg_license.ini is the file which you will require for the activation
  • On a device where the client needs activation with the new license, conduct the prompted command with the generated license file.

AVG Admin Server activation:

  • Open the start menu/start screen > AVG Remote Administration > AVG Admin Server Monitor then, select Server Settings
  • Under License select to click on Change and enter the new license number > click on Ok
  • Confirmation will now display that the license has been changed and then click on Ok to move ahead
  • Now, you will be asked to restart AVG Admin Server at this point and now click on Yes
  • When restarted then minimize the AVG Admin Server Monitor

Activation in AVG Admin Console:

  • First of all, open AVG Admin Console > in the navigation tree, select Shared Settings under the License
  • Then, double-click on Shared settings in the shared windows
  • Enter the new license number in the required field
  • Now, click on Ok and then the license number will be prompted
  • If you have server operation systems connected to AVG Remote Administration
  • Now, navigate to Tools and go to shared settings for application servers then go to License
  • In the required field, enter the new license number and make the settings mandatory and click on Ok
  • Right-click on Stations at the top of the navigation tree > Shared settings for stations and select Synchronize Settings
  • The new license number will now be applied to all connected devices

Hopefully, this post helps you and if you fail to do these then, contact AVG Support to get connected with the technical experts for immediate help. The teams are always available there to help you in any manner they can. It is advisable to follow the given steps very carefully to avoid any glitches.

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