How does AVG protect against Malware?

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Malware is actually developed by hackers and they are looking to make money from that either by spreading the malware or selling it to the bidder on the Dark Web. There can be other reasons to create malware like it can be used as a protective tool, a medium to test security and even as war weapons between governments. If you have installed AVG on your device then feel free as it comes with excellent scanning options that help when your device is infected with malware. In this post, we will discuss the exact scanning procedure of AVG that helps to detect, remove and block malware from your device.

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AVG Antivirus offers a variety of scans to safeguard your PC from malware and viruses. Below is the detailed information on different scan types:

  1. Computer Scan: It is a complete scan of your PC which might detect some or all of the following issues:
  • Browser add-ons: Browser extensions are usually installed mistakenly and you don’t know about that and affect the performance of your system.
  • Viruses and malware: Files that contain malicious code that might impact the performance and security of your PC.
  • Sensitive Documents: Documents that have your personal information which, if exposed can compromise your identity and privacy.
  • Performance Errors: Items like junk files and unnecessary apps as well as setting issues that might interfere with the PC operation.
  1. Other Scans: This scan has specialized scans that you can use to conduct a deeper investigation of your system, folders, specific files or the external drives. These types of scans are especially useful if you think that there’s malware on your PC which was not detected while scanning the computer using the scanner.

Run a Specialized Scan:

  • Click on the gear icon that appears just next to the Scan Computer on the main screen of the AVG Antivirus

Click on a related tile to run a scan:

  • Computer Scan: It is the same as Scan Computer option
  • Deep Scan: A pre-defined, in-depth scan of the system which identifies your storage drives and memory from malware
  • USB / DVD Scan: Scans all removable media which is attached to your PC right now, like USB flash drives and external hard drives.
  • Performance Scan: Scans your system for the useless data as well as other errors that might affect the security and speed of your PC. To fix any issues which are detected, you must first install AVG TuneUp. If you already have installed AVG TuneUp, just click on this option loads the AVG TuneUp dashboard.
  • File or Folder Scan: Scans the folders which you choose when you initiate the scan. You also can scan a certain folder by right-clicking the folder is the File Explorer or on your Windows desktop and choosing Scan selected items for viruses.
  • Boot-Time Scan: Scans your PC during the next system startup before any malware has existed. Running a Boot-Time Scan during the startup boosts the chances of detecting and removing malware before it can harm your PC.
  1. Adjust Scan Settings: To describe how every scan automatically reacts to a found error:
  • First of all, open the AVG user interface and click on the gear icon that appears next to Scan Computer
  • Click on the gear icon that appears in the top-right corner
  • Choose a scan to define its automatic behavior
  • Scroll down to Conduct automatic actions during this scan and make sure that this option is ticked

Select an automatic action and the following options are available like:

  • Fix Automatically: Run order of actions
  • Move File to Quarantine: Send the threat to Quarantine, where it can’t harm your system
  • Delete File: Permanently remove the file from your PC

Create a Custom Scan, for that:

  • Open the AVG User Interface and then click on the gear icon that appears next to the Scan Computer
  • Click on Schedule Scan and enter a name for your scan

Under Customize your scan, please choose the below-given sections:

Customize Your Scan

  • Frequency: Define how your scan runs
  • Scan type: Choose either Deep Scan or File or Folder Scan depends on what you want your scan to check on your PC.

By following these scanning options, you can easily run a malware scan on your PC. Call on AVG Support UK if you are facing any issue while running any scan. The expert teams will help you to resolve the error as soon as possible and make your PC completely safe.


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