How to find AVG Product Key?

The moment you buy AVG from a retailer you get AVG retail card. On the rear of the retail card you can find a 25 alpha-numeric code which is your product key. It looks like xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx.

AVG antivirus features are as follows

Scanner- AVG works with a better and improved advanced scanner which helps in better detection of viruses and other dangerous elements.

Increases computer speed and its productivity- AVG software helps the computer in giving out better performance and the system starts responding fast towards the given commands.

PC tune up- The PC tune up feature provides the user with more storage speed better battery life and also it prevents crashing.

Identity protection- The identity protection feature is specially designed for keeping the user’s private information safe from the malware designed for stealing private vital information of the users.

Browsing safety-For this the user needs to install the AVG secure browser on the system the set up and the features of the secure browser keep the user safe while searching on the system.